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About Us

Welcome to Prince Tech Support – “ALWAYS TRENDING TECHNOLOGY”


Prince Tech Support” is a Latest Online Tech Blogging Website for anyone who is very passionate about learning new things and discovering themselves through article writing and also for those people who wants to learn something new, who wants to entertain others & for them also who can show their Creativity on the internet.

What Type of Information Do We Provide?


You can see what is going on technology right now? Trending News & Updates, tech-related problems, and solutions, Mobile related issues, Windows-related issues, Android Help all helps will be provided to you.

You can know about Android, Windows, YouTube, WordPress and Tips and Tricks of these as well.

Prince Tech Support provides you with the Information related to new technologies and you can easily get updates from here with the latest technology trends.

Prince Tech Support will also provide you with Current Job Opportunities along with the Top category of different fields.


What We Serve

Our Services includes these important things.

Social Media Tricks

Android App & Game Modification

Windows Tricks & Tips

Software Cracking

Latest Technology News

Hacking Tips

WordPress Tips

“Prince Tech Support” An Overview | The man behind “Tech at fingertip-Daily Tech News”

about usMy name is Pradeep Kumar and I am a self-taught white hat hacker and a computer science graduate from India, Currently working for some well known international brands. Internet and Ethical Hacking is my passion and I believe in helping people with my abilities and knowledge base. I am learning these things since last 6 years and it feels like learning is a part of my life now. I am running a YouTube channel for my community where I teach technical things in my mother tongue “Hindi & English” which makes this experience even more interesting. Feel free to reach out to me at princerajputofficial@gmail.com

Have a nice stay here!

– Pradeep Kumar

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